Meshoppen Enterprise, Wyoming County, PA

1 October 1897 – 30 May 1901

Posting some of my extractions from a microfilm.
I do not have any other information, hope these are a help to others.


Friday, 1 Oct 1897

Thomas KENNEDY, an employee of the creamery at Wysox m/Miss Mattie DETRICK of
Meshoppen on Wednesday.

Henry W. MEEKER, a well known Northern Central engineer of Elmira, died on Tuesday at the
Inter-State Fair, when a timber from the top of the grand stand fell on him killing him instantly.
David BUNNELL a veteran soldier, fell dead from his bicycle, near the entrance gate, of an
apparent heart attack.

Friday, 8 Oct 1897

William J. HAWKE of Nicholson spent Friday and Saturday with his bro, Samuel HAWKE, who
owns the monument, tombstone business.

A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs Dell BURGESS in Forkston.

Michael BURKE, 65, of Long Valley committed suicide Monday, by shooting himself thru the
head. He leaves a wife, three sons and one daughter.

William UPSON, between 45 and 50, committed suicide on Wed by first shooting himself and
then dropping into a well.

Fred PNEUMAN and wife left Monday for Silver Plume, CO where they will make their future

Miss Lulu OVERFIELD of Brooklyn, NY died at her home in that city on Friday. She was 21 and
the daughter of John L. OVERFIELD, formerly of Meshoppen. Interment was in Overfield
Cemetery. She is survived by her mother and two brothers, Robert L. of Brooklyn and Percy of
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Friday, 15 Oct 1897

Rev. William B. WESTLAKE, one of the best known ministers of the Wyoming Conference,
of the M E Church, died Monday at his home in Dallas.

D. C. VOSBURG has been appointed postmaster at Mill City.

James MC ALLISTER, Lehigh ticket receiver at Sayre, died at his home Friday, in Waverly.
Burial was in Catasauqua.

Hon. Lemuel AMERMAN of Scranton, ex-congressman and one of the owners of the Mansfield
and Blossburg water system, died Thursday at the Bloosburg State Cottage Hospital.

Frank E. ALLEN went to Jenningsville Tuesday to attend the funeral of his grandfather, Luther
SHUMWAY, who died at Smithfield on the 11th inst. He was 74 years of age.

Friday, 22 Oct 1897 (nothing of interest)

Friday, 29 Oct 1897

Mrs Samuel GREEN left her two young children in a carriage while shopping in Knapp's store.
A delivery horse nearby became frightened, reared up and came down on the children killing both.

N. P. BALDWIN will start out Monday as an agent for a NY portrait house.

Utley TEED and Miss Maud CAMP, of Sayre, were married Thurs, 21 Oct at the home of the
bride's parents.

S. H. JENKINS has moved to Tunkhannock, to live in the house with his mother. Mrs Lydia
JENKINS has been a resident since 1861.

Miss Lou NYE married A. C. BULLARD of Sayre, last evening at the home of the bride's father,
Mr NYE of Indian River in Tuscarora Twp, Bradford Co.

Friday, 5 Nov 1897

Charles H. SPALDING, a prominent beer bottler of Athens, was found dead in his room at the
Forest House on Tuesday morning, from a dose of morphine which he had been in the habit of
taking to relieve headaches.

Friday, 12 Nov 1897

Attorney KINNER presented a petition to the court in behalf of R. R. BLAKESLEE to adopt as
his son and heir Edward BLAKESLEE. The prayer was granted.

In the case of Isabelle DECKER vs Judson DECKER for divorce, the court appoints Joseph
Wood PIATT commissioner, to take testimony.

The proceedings for a divorce were filed by Effie J. ALLEN vs Alfred H. ALLEN.

William CUNNINGHAM, a veteran of the late war, died at his home in Meshoppen Tuesday.

Western BURGESS, 76, was found dead in his bed in Forkston Twp on Wed. His son Joseph
was attending court and was summoned home. He was the brother of Mrs Mary B. MARCY.

The funeral of Frederick H. JONES, who died of a heart attack in Wilkes Barre last Thursday,
took place Sunday from his home at 113 Davis Place. Interment was in Laceyville.

Friday, 26 Nov 1897

Edward STERLING of Meshoppen Twp, died at his home Thursday, he was 56, and a veteran
of the late war. He served in Co B, 52d Regt Penn Vol.

James KANE of Rummerfield and Miss Annie CARR were married in the Catholic church on

A. C. ROBERTSON of Athens, who was injured by a lamp explosion on Tuesday, at the Forest
House where he boarded, died in the hospital. He is survived by an eight year old daughter.

The body of Samuel TERWILLIGER, who disappeared from Watkins over a month ago, was
found on Monday, in the waters of Seneca Lake.

Cards are out announcing the wedding of Miss Euphrasia GAY of South Auburn and Otis
TRIBLE of Vosburg, the ceremony will take place on 2 Dec at the M.E. Church in Auburn.

Friday, 3 Dec 1897

Mr & Mrs Grant VAN GORDER, of Oak Hill, are rejoicing over the arrival of a 14 lb daughter
on Monday.

Aivahl ALE, the 8 year old son of Nevin ALE, was shot and killed by his brother Urban, 10
years old, at Bloomsburg yesterday. The boys were home alone when they found the gun and
were playing with it.

Chas. B. KINTNER of Buffalo, NY and Miss Sarah CAMERON of the same place, were married
at the M. E. Parsonage in Wilkes Barre last Tues. He is an operator at the L.V. freight office in

E. J. ROSENGRANT and family of Mansfield, spent several days last week with his father who is
seriously ill.

Born on Monday, 28 Nov, a daughter to Mr & Mrs F. W. PNEUMAN.

Invitations are out for the marriage of Miss Mary DAVIS of this place and William W.
SHOEMAKER of Elmira. They will be married in the Presbyterian church on Thursday.

Alton DEPEW, 26 years of age, met with a fatal accident on Tuesday. While standing on the
tracks taking numbers, a engine backed down on him. He leaves a wife and little babe.

Mr & Mrs Otis LA FRANCE had a daughter on 28 Nov.

Friday, 24 Dec 1897

Mrs George BURCH who was badly burned at her home in Vose two weeks ago, died.

Mrs Flora VAGER, whose insane actions alarmed residents of Susquehanna where she lives, shot
and killed her mother Mrs G. O. SWEET Saturday morning. She said her mother made her mad!

The Daughters of the Confederacy stated that about 4,000 Confederate prisoners were buried in
Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira.

Friday, 31 Dec 1897

Mrs Clark WINANS, 24 years of age, died in Meshoppen on Friday.

John AGNEW and Thomas KENNEDY met a horrible death yesterday in the Allen shaft, when a
car broke lose killing them instantly.

Friday, 7 Jan 1898

A daughter born to Mr & Mrs Frank HETSEL on Bunnell Hill.

George B. DE WITT fell in front of the Warren Street Hotel on Saturday, breaking his right leg in
two places.

The 3 year old son of William DOUGHERTY died in Auburn Twp Wed, when he swallowed a
bean which got lodged in his wind pipe.

Stephen WRIGHT, an aged resident of Springfield was found dead in bed on Wed.

A daughter was born to Mr & Mrs Walter CARTER on 28 Dec.

Mrs Royal KISHPAUGH, 45 years of age, was burned to death in her house Monday, in
Eatonville. She is survived by her husband and three children.

John LYON, the man who's heart was on the right side of his body, died at a Scranton hospital.

Howard N. STERLING and Miss Ida HECK of Wilkes Barre were married in Tunkhannock last

Will DAVIS of Mehoopany, married Miss Phoebe BROWN of Tuscarora, on 10 Jan at the
Baptist parsonage.

Friday, 21 Jan 1898

Mrs John W. SMITH, of Auburn Four Corners, died at her home on Monday.

A son was born to Mr & Mrs Will MC PHETERS on 10 Jan.

Mr & Mrs Henry KINTNER announced the arrival of a daughter.

Friday, 28 Jan 1898

Daniel SHANER, an old resident of Wyoming Co, moved to Auburn Four Corners, where he died
on Monday. He leaves a wife and 3 sons, one of who is Scott SHANER of Leraysville, former
proprietor of the Riverside Hotel this place.

Miss Grace HUBBLE, who made her home with Dr H. K. LEONARD and family at Montrose,
was fatally burned on Sunday, dying on Monday. She was subject to epileptic convulsions.

Friday, 11 Feb 1898

Lewis K. WADSWORTH was killed in an accident at Vosburg on Monday, when he was stuck
and killed by an engine.

Edward DOUGHERTY, 37, died in Wilkes Barre last Saturday.

Libbie Iona BACON, 16 years, 1 month and 9 days, daughter of Mr & Mrs Henry BACON died
Wed after an attack of measles, which was follow by a severe cold. Besides her parents she left 4
sisters and one brother to mourn her.

Friday, 15 Feb 1898

Isaac WARD, 65, died at his home in Laceyville on Monday.

Mrs Jonas GOODEN died at her home on Round Top last Saturday.

Rev. Benj. LUCE, a Methodist Protestant clergyman died at Sugar Run on Saturday.

Friday, 18 March 1898

Mrs Geo. WHITE, 64, died at the home of a friend, Mrs Rose Ann BAKER last Tuesday and was
buried at Jersey Hill. She was the mother of O. M. WHITE.

The four year old daughter of Mr & Mrs Carlisle FELKER died at Brookvale on Tuesday.

Charles O. SKEER, the millionaire coal operator, is dead at his home in Mauch Chunk He was
born in Luzerne Co 1818 and came here in 1842. He was twice married, first wife was the
adopted daughter of Hon. Asa PACKER and the second, Mrs Frank S. WALTER who survives

Friday, 25 March 1898

Maud FULLER, 25 years of age, daughter of Mr & Mrs Hiram FULLER died at their home
Thursday after a long illness.

Friday, 1 Apr 1898

Mrs Eliza KINNEY, died in NY on Wednesday, she was the sister of M. W. CORTRIGHT.

Rev. Francis HAWKE of Fullerton, spent Wed with his brothers at this place.

Charles E. JUDSON, of South Auburn married Miss Adelia C. BAKER of Montrose on
23 March 1898, at the home of the bride's parents.

Friday, 8 Apr 1898

John VAN GORDER was buried in the Overfield Cemetery on Tuesday.

Born to Mr & Mrs A. J. WINANS, a son.

Mrs F. J. ALLEN, died last Friday at Lenoir, NC and was buried there, she was a member of the
Presbyterian church here.

Mrs Crumaline BAKER, died at her home in Scottsville last Saturday with consumption, she was
46 years of age and leaves a husband and one son.

James CARNEY of Harvey's Lake, died recently, his funeral was held in the Catholic Church.

Jonathan VAN GORDER, 74 years of age, died last Sunday, interment was in the Overfield

Friday, 15 Apr 1898

Mrs E. BREWER, served an elegant dinner to her children and grandchildren last Sat, it being her
73rd birthday.

B. L. AVERY died at his home at Avery today.

Mrs Dorothy PRATT, 84, died 9 Apr in Meshoppen. Funeral was held at home of her son,
Emmons PRATT, interment Overfield Cemetery.

L. H. KELLOGG of Springfield married Miss Katie DOUGHERTY of Auburn on Tuesday.

Tuesday, 31 May 1898

Mrs Peter BRINK, of Skinner's Eddy, visited friends in town Monday.

Friday, 10 June 1898

Mrs Clara HINES of Elmira, died on Monday, while she was washing, a oil can fell on the floor
and spilled out, in moving the wash bench one of the legs ignited a parlor match setting fire to her
clothing killing her.

Tuesday, 14 June 1898

Arthur VAN WOOTER, 23, of West Auburn drowned in Kinney's Pond on Sunday while

Friday, 17 June 1898

James GILMARTIN of Tunkhannock was struck and killed by train No 1 at Tague's Eddy on
Tuesday. He had been employed by that company for 25 years.

Catharine Lucile OVERFIELD married Eli Robert GAY on Wed, at the home of the bride's father
John B. OVERFIELD, postmaster. Their attendants were Miss Martha OVERFIELD, her
cousin and Allen Jayne ROBERTS, his cousin.

Addison E. MOWRY married Miss Lydia BUNNELL on 15 June 1898 in the home of the bride's

Tues, 21 June 1898

Joseph MC CARTY, foreman of the car inspectors was fatally crushed beneath the wheels of a
car in the yard at Sayre on Saturday. He was 30 years of age, unmarried and lived in Waverly.

Friday, 24 June 1898

Miss Georgia DECKER and Benjamin PLACE were married at Russell Hill yesterday.

Manning R. SUTTON was gored to death by a bull on Tuesday.

Dr CLIFFORD, the Tunkhannock dentist, makes the best set of teeth for $5.00...

Friday, 8 July 1898

Caroline Harding GAY, 73, wife of the late ex-Sheriff Ahira GAY, died at the home of F. H.
FASSETT in Meshoppen Twp on Sat, 2 July. She was married early in life to Henry W.
FASSETT who was killed 35 years ago. She was the mother of five children, all boys, Morris L,
Fred H. of this place, Julius F. of San Francisco, CA, Joseph W. ex-register and recorder of the
county, now a resident of Homer, NY, and Dr Howard FASSETT who was killed by the cars at
Hop Bottom 6 years ago.

Geo. CARLIN was struck and killed by the Black Diamond at Skinner's Eddy last Saturday.

Friday, 29 July 1898

Miles TALLADA married Mrs Nancy TRUESDELL last Friday.

Twin boys were born to Mr & Mrs Byron BUNNELL Wed, but a short time later one of the
twins died.

Friday, 5 Aug 1898

The GAY family reunion will be held at the Falls on 11 Aug.

Mrs Chas. H. JOHNSON of Laceyville died at the Syre Hospital last Sat, 56 years of age. She
was the mother of Mrs. Geo A. Carter of this place and is survived by one son and two daughters.
Funeral was held at Laceyville Monday.

John CORTRIGHT married Miss Sadie DADY of Meshoppen at the Methodist parsonage in
Tunkhannock yesterday.

Friday, 12 Aug 1898

Thomas PINNOCK married Amedia HARVEY of Vose on Tuesday.

Dr BILES is attending the funeral of the QUICK boys, who were drowned in the river near Sugar
Run on Tues, at Quick's Bend today. The two sons were William 24 and Joseph 22, sons of
D. Miller QUICK. They went fishing and then bathing, neither could swim very well.

E. C. PRATT and wife, Mrs Wm PNEUMAN, Miss Alice CANFIELD, Geo. AVERY and Albert
SHAVER attended the funeral of Miss Lola EDSALL of Prattsville on Sunday.

Leonard DEEGAN, son of Jeremiah DEEGAN of Dushore, a member of the Co D, 9th Regt
died at Camp Thomas, Chickamauga on Tuesday of typhoid fever. His body was brought to
Dushore for interment.

The MOTT family reunion will be held on 24 Aug, president, Z. MOTT, and C. S. HOLCOMBE,

Edward LUCE of Tunkhannock was struck and killed by an express train some time late Monday
night or early Tues. He is survived by his brother John, now living in NY state and sister
Mrs Chauncey FULLER.

Mr & Mrs John MOWRY had a son Friday morning.

Mr & Mrs Louis STANG had a son born to them in Lemon, yesterday.

Mr & Mrs Alonzo LOVE, of Wilkes Barre are excited over the birth of their daughter.

The BRONSON family reunion was held at the home of Joseph HAYDEN on Friday. The
following persons attended, Charles BRONSON and wife; Fred BRONSON; William BRONSON
and wife; Charles F. ALLEN and family; Minnie KELLEY, Golden Hill; Clara ZACHARIAS,
Rush; R. B. ROBINSON and wife; Pearl ROBINSON; Mills ROBINSON; George ROBINSON;
F. S. ROBINSON and wife; Louisa ROBINSON; Stephen ROBINSON; Lloyd ROBINSON;
BRONSON, Forkston; Thomas BOWEN and wife; Bessie BOWEN; Charles BOWEN; Grant
BOWEN: Ivan BOWEN: and Clifford BOWEN, Springhill.

Jacob DECKER, an aged citizen died Monday after a long illness. He leaves a wife and four
children, John DECKER and Mrs Henry MICHAELS of Washington Twp, Mrs Leander
GAYLORD and Mrs MICHAELS of Windsor, NY. Interment was Tallow Hill Cemetery.

Friday, 26 August 1898

The ROBINSON family reunion will be held Lott's Grove, Forkston on Sat, 17 Sept.

James DAY married Miss Mame SICKLER of Tunkhannock on the 15th of Aug in Allentown.

Friday, 2 Sept 1898

L. E. HEWITT and his wife attended the 60th wedding anniversary of his parents at Candor, NY
last week.

J. G. PIERSON and his wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a daughter born Wed.

Mrs Mary Harding BUNNELL, mother of ex-congressman, F. C. BUNNELL died at her home in
Tunkhannock on Sunday, age 81.

Three men killed near Towanda by a cyclone, 8 Sept 1898. William BRACE, 24, was in his barn
milking, C. M. COMFORT and Frederick N. VOORDETS (?? Hard to read) who were touring
the country with an advertising wagon for the Tioga Co fair. They sought shelter in a nearby barn
which was blown down.

Friday, 16 Sept 1898

Hon. F. B. POMEROY, ex-associate judge of Sullivan Co and president of the First National
bank of Dushore, died at his home yesterday of Bright's Disease. He leaves a wife and 3
daughters, Mrs Laura WADDELL of Dushore, Mrs Fanny APPLEMAN of Wilkes Barre and
Miss Emily POMEROY, of NJ.

Friday, 30 Sept 1898

Andrew NEED of Falls, was struck and killed by a passenger train near Mt Lookout colliery,
Wyoming on Tues, he died in the Pittston hospital.

Pauline ASKENT, 6 year old daughter of Mr & Mrs William ASKENT, was killed when she lost
her balance while climbing on a high porch railing. She fell off striking her head, killing her
instantly. Interment was in the Vaughn Cemetery.

Friday, 14 Oct 1898

Samuel GASSAWAY enlisted from Bloomsburg, Co H, 42nd P. V. of the Civil War. For a long
time he laid in a hospital with severe wounds in his back. His wife whom he married in 1858
gave him up for dead and took up dressmaking for a living. When he returned home he could not
find her as she had remarried believing her lst husband was dead. He then married in OH and
soon his wife and children died. After 30 years he again visited Bloomsburg when he learned his
first wife was a widow of HEADINGTON and lived in Catawissa. After he visited her and
convinced her he was indeed her first husband, he then moved in with her and resumed
marital relations.

Friday, 21 Oct 1898

O. Smith KINNER, Esq, the Republican Nominee for the District Attorney of Wyoming Co, was
born at Rome, Bradford Co at the opening of the War of the Rebellion. His father died in the
service of the country when O. Smith was but 3 yrs old. In the year succeeding the death of his
father his mother moved to Nicholson Borough.

Matthias W. KINTNER died at his home in Wilkes Barre on Sunday, of hemorrhage of the
stomach. He was 51 and survived by his wife and two children, Palmer and Roy. Interment was
in Hollenback Cemetery. His brothers were Phillip, George and Julius.

Ex-sheriff, Wm. WHITE of Auburn Twp died Friday.

Mrs Maggie BACON died at her home in Mehoopany on Monday, 41 years of age. Interment was
at Homet's Ferry.

A marriage license has been granted to Frank ARNTS of Mehoopany and Cora E.

Friday, 28 Oct 1898

John W. DENISON is the Republican candidate for county treasurer. His father was Dr F. C.
DENISON who resided in Mehoopany for the greater portion of his life and a Doctor for 38
years. John was born in Mehoopany in 1858, graduated Ann Arbor University and practices
medicine in Tunkhannock. (Photo on the page of him)

Henry KINSLEY, 45, was found dead in his cab of the train engine Monday shortly before it
pulled into the Susquenna station.

Charles JENNINGS of Vose and Anna FISH of Lynn were married last Wed.

Friday, 4 Nov 1898

Joseph P. RUSSELL, Republican Candidate for Associate Judge is a resident of Mehoopany, was
born 1833. He comes from one of the pioneer families of this part of the state. He married
Miss Caroline CAMPBELL, a sister of Mrs William H. BARNES. He has a son, William D, and
four daughters. His eldest daughter is the wife of W. L. BURGESS one of Folkston's popular
merchants. Another daughter is the wife of R. Y. SHEEHAN, another the wife of J. E.
CARPENTER, the youngest daughter is still at home. (Photo on page)

Mrs B. B. VOSBURG is visiting relatives in Scranton.

Editor TAILOR and his wife, of "The New Albany Mirror", are rejoicing over the arrival of a

Judson L. BANNATYNE of Tunkhannock and Miss Emma LANBACH, of Penn Argyl, were
married last Wed.

Isaac R. BROWN of Meshoppen Twp and Miss Martha A. REPSHER, of Black Walnut were
married in Waverly on 26 Oct 1898.

Friday, 11 Nov 1898

Mrs TREIBLE, the aged mother of Rev Wileon TREIBLE of Wyoming died a few days ago at
Lake Winola.

The bodies of Mr & Mrs Loren M. LUKE, of Kingston, who perished at sea while returning on
the Mohegan from a European trip, arrived in Wilkes Barre Tues night on the Lehigh Valley train.
The remains were accompanied from NY by Peter MILLS, of Nanticoke, an uncle of Mr LUKE
and Robert P. BRODHEAD, Mrs LUKE's bro-in-law.

Terrible train wreck 6 miles from Wilkes Barre, when the No 5 and No 6 collided head on at
Devil's Ell, on the Wilkes Barre mountain. Five were killed and five injured. Engineer John
MC NALLY died in the hospital 6 hrs later. His fireman Fred GLASSER of Mauch Chunk was
crushed to death. Engineer, D. E. PRICE of Easton, was severely injured, his fireman, Wm.
YONHEIMER, of White Haven was killed. Brakeman Jacob ENGLEMAN of Easton, John B.
CREAGER of Wilkes Barre were also killed. Engineer John ROHLFING, of East Mauch Chunk
was thrown from the wreck and his fireman John BOYLE jumped before the crash and also
escaped. Others injured are C. H. MORGAN, express manager, John SCHOENFELDT,
brakeman and A. G. BOYLE baggage master.

Mrs Warren E. WILBUR, died in her home on Tues. Before her marriage she was Sally
PACKER of Bethlehem, granddaughter of the late Asa PACKER.

Friday, 26 Nov 1898

Mrs Mary DUNLAP, 83, widow of the late Ellis DUNLAP, died at her home on Saturday in
Bunnell Hill. She leaves six children, Benjamin and Norman DUNLAP, Mrs Joseph

Mrs Michael DIETRICK, an aged lady, died at her home on Russell Hill 17 Nov after a long

Patrick DUFFY, 85, died Sunday, at the home of his daughter, Mrs A. E. LUMERY in Auburn
Twp. Several years ago his home burned with his wife and son in it.

James CULL, a well known freight conductor, was killed at Fairview on Sat night, after falling in
between two moving cars.

Friday, 2 Dec 1898

Mrs Judson VOSBURG and daughter Edna have been visiting friends in Sayre.

Ziba BILLINGS, 76, ex-sheriff of Wyoming Co, died at Tunkhannock Tues.

Miss WINTERMUTE died in her home in Mehoopany on Tues, from consumption.

Alvah LOTT, died at the home of his bro Benjamin, in Mehoopany on Wed, after suffering from
stomach cancer for a long time.

Dr Harry E. DAWSON and Miss Bessie ROSS, both of Scranton, were married on Tues.
Dr DAWSON is from Black Walnut and Bessie is an accomplished musician.

Friday, 9 Dec 1898

Born to Mr & Mrs M. N. KNOTT of Sayre, a son.

James BOYLE, 24, was killed in the Sparrowville mine of the PA Coal Co, at Avoca on Tues, by
a fall of rock.

While playing with a gun last Fri, Walter MENSCH, 17, accidently shot Joseph BAKER, 10, at
Williamsport. He is not expected to live.

Mr CORCORAN was murdered in his hotel room at Duryea last Sat, by 4 masked burglars who
stole his money and escaped.

Friday, 16 Dec 1898

A son was born to Mr & Mrs Clarence JUNE, on 9 Dec 1898 in Mehoopany

Mr & Mrs Howard N. STERLING had a son, born 4 Dec 1898, in Hagerstown, MD.

Wedding invitations are out for Miss Lella Veve STERLING and Ellis Dunlap ELLSWORTH of
28 Dec 1898.

Friday, 23 Dec 1898

Mame KENNEDY, 38, was struck and killed on Wed, when she was lying on the tracks, an
empty whiskey bottle at her side.

A rear end collision on the Leheigh Valley railroad on Tues, killed conductor, Joseph MACKIN
of Wilkes Barre and injured the flag man Frank BRADY.

Isaac OSTERHOUT of La Grange, died in Scranton on Monday where he was under going
treatment. He leaves a wife and two sons.

Friday, 30 Dec 1898
Nothing of interest here.

Friday, 6 Jan 1899

Wesley JENNINGS, a respected farmer, who lived near Vose, died on Monday. He leaves a
widow and five children.

Mrs Robert SHALES, mother of Mrs W. S. DAVIS, died at the home of her daughter,
Mrs BALDWIN in Tunkhannock on Saturday.

Job BRIGGS, 60, and old soldier, died in Mehoopany last evening. He was the brother of chief
of police BRIGGS of Wilkes Barre, and leaves a wife and adopted daughter.

Friday, 13 Jan 1899

The funeral of Ralph MOWRY was held on Tuesday.

Chas. BROWN, 40, of Jersey City, NJ died at Kansas City, MO, Monday while on his way to
Denver where he was going for his health. Interment Vaughn Cemetery. He was a former
resident of Mehoopany. His wife, the former Miss Hattie GRAVES and one son, 6 yrs old,
survive him.

Friday, 20 Jan 1899

Editor WARD and his wife are rejoicing over the birth of a son Monday.

Mrs EVANS, 50, sister of the late Job BRIGGS died at her home in Scranton, on Saturday.

Married on the 25th of Jan, Joseph LA FRANCE of Meshoppen and Miss Sadie BUNNELL
of Doolittle Hill.

Judge Henry Warren WILLIAMS, born in Hartford, Susquehanna Co, 1830, one of the 7 judges
of the Supreme Court of PA, died at the Continental Hotel in Phila on Wed. His death was due
to valvular disease and hypertrophy of the heart. His wife and daughter were with him when he

Mrs Mabel ALGER, died at her home in Auburn Twp yesterday morning, she was 83 years of
age. She leaves three sons, Elmer at Vose, Edward at Lestershire, NY and Luther at home, two
daughters, Mrs J. M. STILWELL and Miss Amelia at home.

A woman named "Black Maria" and a man named Dell HUGHES were poisoned to death near
Forksville, Sullivan Co, last Sat by drinking wood alcohol.

Albert J. SHAVER and Miss Helen BRIGGS were married at the home of Mr & Mrs D. A.
BUNNELL last Wed.

Friday, 27 Jan 1899

Born to Mr & Mrs George PLACE, a daughter on 24 Jan 1899.

Friday, 3 Feb 1899

Mrs Gardner SHOEMAKER died at her home at Scottsville on Saturday, she was ill with the
grip. She leaves a husband and six children.

Mrs LOOMIS, daughter Ruth and James FITCH were calling on friends in town Thursday.

Mrs Peter HUGHES, an aged lady, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Thomas CROMPTON
on Wed.

The charred remains of detective Joseph MOORE were found Tues when workmen began
clearing the debris from the burned Osterhout building in Wilkes Barre.

John L. GAYLORD, 76, died at his home in Wyalusing on Tuesday, after a few weeks of the

Friday, 10 Feb 1899

Richard KILDUFF died Wed, at the home of his daughter, Mrs E. J. MC CROSSEN and was
buried at Lovelton.

Friday, 17 Feb 1899

Mrs Savanna HINKLE, 83, died this morning at the home of her daughter, Mrs David JAYNE.
Service will be held in South Auburn.

Friday, 24 Feb 1899

The funeral of Mrs Sterling ADAMS was held from her house on Monday.

The funeral of Mrs Mary A. BUNNELL, 73, of Laceyville was held Monday. She was the widow
of the late James BUNNELL and had died on Sat.

Mrs Rachael SPACE, 83, died Monday at the home of her son Andrew. She leaves 3 sons and 4
daughters, Benjamin of Tunkhannock, Alfred of Scranton, Andrew of Meshoppen, Mrs
MIDDLETON and Mrs LA FRANCE of Laceyville, Mrs Samuel VALENTINE of Meshoppen
Twp and Mrs Norman BURGESS of South Auburn.

Benjamin J. HAYWOOD, ex-state treasurer, died yesterday at Sharon after a lingering illness,
Bright's Disease. He is survived by his widow.

Friday, 3 Mar 1899

John CARPENTER and his wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a new daughter Sunday in

Mrs Wm. DECKER died at home Sat, in Mehoopany and was buried Monday.

Benj. BARTRAN has moved from Vosburg to Sayre.

The editor and his sister, Miss Lura HOLCOMBE were called to LeRoy, Bradford Co, Monday
to attend the funeral of their grandfather C. W. CHURCHILL, who had died Sat, 89 yrs old.

Maj. Charles SEELEY, died Tues, at his hotel at Forksville, from injuries received from the
explosion of a gas machine three weeks ago. He weighed 450 pounds, and his great size made
recovery impossible, he was a veteran soldier, a Mason and member of the Knights of Columbus.

Friday, 10 March 1998

Born, Thursday, 9 March, a son to Mr & Mrs John CORTRIGHT of Meshoppen area.

Mrs M. A. LA BARR, wife of the late I. J. LA BARR, died at home in Laceyville, on Thursday,
93 years of age. She leaves three children, Mrs G. L. KENNARD of this place, I. E. LA BARR
of Pittston and Miss Jennie who resided with her mother. She was the last of the EVERITT
family, being a sister of the late Isaac EVERITT. Funeral was at Laceyville on Sat.

William G. LOTT, 32, son of Mr H. L. & Mrs Etta A. LOTT, formerly of this place, died with
consumption at his home in Mauch Chunk yesterday, 9 March 1899. He leaves a wife and two
children. Funeral will be held Sunday in Mauch Chunk. He was born in Auburn, Susquehanna Co,
on 9 Apr 1867. He married Miss Blanche ECK of Mauch Chunk in 1893, and he was employed
by the CRR of NJ.

Miss Minnie FRANCE, 19 yrs, 4 mo, 6 days, oldest daughter of Mr & Mrs W. L. FRANCE died
Wed morning, from complications of disease resulting from typhoid fever. Besides her parents,
she leaves a bro Marshall and sister Miss Meta who resides at home. Interment Jersey Hill Cemet.

A terrible Squall occurred in Meshoppen this evening, causing considerable excitement in the
vicinity of Robert GAY's. Dr WELL's was on hand and suggested the use of "Castoria" while
others suggested a box of cigars. Bob seems to enjoy being papa, even if he is a bit embarrassed
and Grandpa OVERFIELD is the happiest man in town. It is a boy, 17 pounds and all doing well.

The residence of Frank G. RICE, manager of Jennis Brother's Store at Lopez, was burned to the
ground shortly after 1 on Wed afternoon. His five year old daughter, Elizabeth was burned to
death asleep in her chamber. The father made an attempt to save her through an upper window
but was driven back by the flames. Her mother was visiting relatives in Athens.

Mrs James TEETSIL and Mrs A. C. STOCKER gave their son and daughter Willard and Sara a
double birthday party last evening for their 16th birthdays.

Mrs Barney WALTERS died at her home on Maynard Hill in Mehoopany, on 20 March, age 79.
She is survived by her aged husband and the following children, Frank of Colorado, Daniel and
Corey of this place, Mrs Orson GRAY, and Mrs A. E. SHEEHAN of Mehoopany, and
Mrs Chandler BURGESS of Forkston. The funeral was held at Union Hill on Wed with interment

Edith GAREY, 5 years old and the only child of Mr & Mrs GAREY, died at home near
Jenningsville on 17 March. The funeral was at Jenningsville on Sunday.

James BEAUMONT, 76, postmaster at Camptown, died Sunday. His wife died about a year ago
and his son Lumis Camp BEAUMONT preceded his parents by two years.

Friday, 31 March 1899

A surprise 21st birthday party was given to Miss Blennie GAY on Monday.

Misses Nellie VOSBURG and Leah BRINK of Skinner's Ebby were visiting in town this week.

Mrs David W. TITUS of Nicholson died suddenly on Monday of a heart attack, after suffering
with the grip. She was the wife of D. W. TITUS, for many years station agent of the DL &

The young son of Mr & Mrs Lew WOODWARD, former residents, died in Waverly last week.

Friday, 7 Apr 1899

Ames STORM, 80, died at his home in Meshoppen yesterday.

William J. HENRY, confined in the Towanda jail on charges of murdering George RUTLEDGE
at Sayre on the morning of 13 Jan, made an almost successful attempt at suicide by hanging on
Wed. He was convicted several weeks later in May, on murder in the second degree.

Friday, 14 Apr 1899

Henry F. SMITH, 37, died Tuesday in Wyalusings from consumption.

Miss Etta WINANS daughter of Charles WINANS married at home on Tuesday to H. O.
BRONSON of Edinger Hill.

Mrs Elmer TALLADA, 42, died at her home in Mehoopany Tuesday.

Miss Addah COOK, was married in her home in Tunkhannock to Charles SPACE, a merchant,
on Tuesday.

C. C. MYERS, 65, died at his home in Mehoopany this morning. Mrs Rosa SWEET of Owego,
NY, sister of MYERS, attended the funeral.

Friday, 21 Apr 1899

John PRESTON, proprietor of the Greenwood hotel, Bradford Co, committed suicide Tues
morning with a gun.

Spencer BURR, young son of P. M. BURR, fell from a second story window and was badly

The following marriage licenses have been issued in the past several days.

Ellis E. NORTHROP Homer, NY Carrie FOX Vernon
Cory JAYNE Meshoppen Myrtie M. ARNTS Meshoppen
Thomas CARROLL Stowel, Bradford Co Mary BYRNE Stowel
Michael B. LANE Noxen Sarah Jane STRALEY Noxen
Ervin J. BIDDLEMAN Factoryville C. Alma WILSO Factoryville
Samuel J. MICHAEL Meshoppen Lizzie AVERY Russell Hill

Friday, 5 May 1899

Cory JAYNE and Miss Myrtie ARNTS married Wed, at the home of the bride's parents.

Friday, 19 May 1899

Barney DOUGHERTY and Miss Lizzie RILEY, were married at the home of the bride's parents
Wed in Auburn.

Henry WILSON, formerly of Tunkhannock, was struck by a locomotive at Great Bend on Wed
night and was instantly killed. He was buried in Tunkhannock.

John KENNEDY, 19 yrs, of Towanda, was found dead on the railroad tracks near Wyalusing
last evening. He and a friend Will ELLIS jumped on a freight train to ride to Wilkes Barre.

James A. CLEMMER, who was convicted as an accessory in the murder of Mrs Emma KAISER
on 28 Oct, was hanged yesterday.

Sinton STURDEVANT of Wilkes Barre died this morning, funeral to be held Sunday. He was
visiting in Atlantic City. Lewis and Miss Pearl STURDEVANT attended the funeral. Stephen
STURDEVANT, Jr and his sister, Miss Jessie STURDEVANT returned from Phila.

Henry ROLAND, 60 yrs, of Hazelton committed suicide on the train to Wilkes Barre using a gun.
He was a gunsmith and mentally unbalanced.

Friday, 26 May 1899

Samuel HEEMAN of Towanda, struck Jacob CAPWELL of Sugar Run, at the Burt Hoose Hotel
in Towanda, on Saturday, resulting in CAPWELL's death Sunday morning. CAPWELL was the
son of George CAPWELL of Sugar Run, he was 25 years old and married. HEEMAN was 24
and single, he is charged with murder.

Friday, 2 June 1899

James FITCH of Scranton was in town yesterday (Meshoppen).

Born this morning to Mr & Mrs Wm. PUEUMAN, a daughter.

Jacob W. CARRIER and Miss Bertha CRUMPTON, both of Meshoppen were married on Tues
by Squire Kutz at Tunkhannock.

The memorial exercise at the Overfield Cemetery drew a large attendance. Three volleys were
placed at the grave of Edward STERLING, the last departed of the GAR and three volleys over
the grave of Scott DAVIS, formerly a member of the company.

Walter BLAINE accidently shot and killed his 8 yr old daughter, while shooting at birds in a tree,
on Wed. While he was reloading the gun it discharged.

Friday, 9 June 1899

Mrs Edward VERNON, died at her home on Sunday, 4 June. She is survived by her husband
Edward and five children.

Mr George RUSSELL, died at his home on Tues. If he had lived until Aug he would have been
74. He is survived by his wife and three sons, Daniel RUSSELL of Nimble, Edward RUSSELL of
Burdette, NY and Chas. who resides at home. His bros were Joseph, John, Schuyler RUSSELL
all of this place and Albion RUSSELL of Laceyville, and one sister Mrs MAJOR of Wilkes Barre.

Saturday, 8 July 1899

The 13 year old son of William MILLARD, of Rush, accidently shot and killed himself on Friday.
His father was away on business and his mother visiting a friend. After the boy finished his milk
delivery, he attempted to reach a shot gun on the wall by placing a kettle on the floor to stand on,
he slipped and the gun discharged killing him, the parents found the boy later in the day when
they returned home.

Benjamin HARDING, 64, the mayor of Pittston died at the City Hospital in Wilkes Barre on
Wed, after an illness of 8 months..

Saturday, 15 July 1899

Mr & Mrs H. C. MURRAY are rejoicing over the arrival of a 12 pound boy.

Mrs Margaret LACEY, died Monday at the home of M. M. TENNANT. She was 68 yrs and had
been in poor health for some time with heart trouble. She was buried in Black Walnut.

Saturday, 22 July 1899

J. E. VOSBURG has accepted a situation in the stone mill at Nicholson.

Mrs Isaac BORILLO of Blossburg, Tioga Co, died Monday as the results of the fearful burns she
is alleged to have suffered at the hands of her husband on the night of the 8th of July. The
husband, a well known barber, is now in the county jail at Wellsboro, having been arrested on the
charge of attempting murder. The couple have not lived happily together the past few years, the
cause was another married woman, who does not live with her husband. Her husband had set fire
to her clothing and then held her hands to prevent her from putting it out.

Mrs ELLSWORTH, mother of the Rev H. L. ELLSWORTH of Nichols, NY, died Tuesday.
Her husband and one son survive.

Saturday, 29 July 1899

A marriage license was issued yesterday to Edward L. STRICTLAND of South Auburn and
Augusta JACKSON of Skinner's Eddy.

Mrs Andrew HAPEMAN, of Athens, was badly burned by an explosion of gasoline last Friday
and died 8 hrs later in the hospital. She was using the gasoline to clean the carpet on the second
story room and for some unexplained reason it exploded.

Mrs Reuben OLIVER of Prospect Hill, who had been an invalid for some time, died Wed. Burial
Sunnyside Cemetery. Her maiden name was Lydia BANNATYNE, she was a sister of L. W.
BANNATYNE of this place. She is survived by her husband and five children. One of her son's
was John OLIVER, a candidate for prothonotary on the Republican Ticket.

Mr & Mrs James FITCH and Mr & Mrs G. W. FRITZ of Scranton, spent Thurs and Fri with

Mrs Daniel HANKINSON, 76, died at her home on Tues.

Saturday, 5 August 1899

Mr & Mrs Albert SHAVER are proud parents of a new son, named Ebenezer Jacob, on Tuesday.

The 3rd reunion of the GAY family will take place on the 30th at Falls.

Saturday, 12 August 1899

Mrs Edward FASSETT, 53, died at her home near Scotsville on Thursday, she leaves a
husband, two sons and a daughter.

Wm. M. SINE, 79, died this morning at home. He was born in Scranton, on 15 Oct 1820 and he
spent the better part of his life in Wyoming. He married Miss Phebe LOTT, of Springville, in
1847, and they moved to Meshoppen. He was in the Milling business at what was known as the
"Old Red Mill", he then became a partner in the "Sterling Mill". His two sisters and one brother
were deceased. He left a widow and daughter, Mrs A. H. STERLING. On 24 Dec 1897 they
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. His burial was in Overfield Cemetery. Mrs A. G.
GREGORY, and Mrs J. W. CARLIN of Tunkhannock, William M. SINE and daughter of
Centremoreland, Mr & Mrs A. A. STERLING and C. W. STURDEVANT, Wilkes Barre, Dr
PETTIT, Mrs PETTIT and daughter, of Phila, Mrs Charles CROSS of Chester, Mrs Ruby
WATKINS, of Black Walnut and Mrs STARK of Nicholson all attended the funeral on Monday.

L.O. BLIGHT, 69, of Towanda died last Sunday. He was superintendent of the Barclay Railroad
and Long Valley Coal Co, he leaves a wife, one son and three daughters.

Rev SCHOFIELD, a Methodist Episcopal minister at Camptown, died Saturday after a short
illness. He leaves a wife and several children. Three years ago he came to the Wyoming
conference from the south, first serving Mehoopany, then went to Camptown in April.

John STOUT, 21, of Stull, died in Wilkes Barre after jumping from the Towanda excursion train
Sunday. He died the next day from a fractured skull. He kept the books for the Trexler and
Turrell Lumber Co at Ricketts.

Miss Mary Ethelyn VOSBURG, of Skinner's Eddy who is a student at the Emerson College of
Oratory, Boston, will give a recital at the M. E. Church next Tuesday.

Miss Alice PIERSON, who was a school teacher in Darby, PA has resided in one homestead from
the day of her birth, 83 years ago. She is the only survivor of 13 children.

John LOTT, 74, died at the home of his son, Elmer LOTT in Forkston on Wed.

Saturday, 19 Aug 1899

Frederick J. BRICKLEY of Athens, a brakeman on the Lehigh Valley, was killed when he was
thrown from a box car at Leighton on Sunday.

Vernon ALLEN, 15, was struck and killed by the Black Diamond Express at Ransom, on

David G. REDMOND, 34 of Scottsville died 14 Aug after suffering for nearly six years. He
leaves a wife, mother and father, several sisters. Interment North Flat.

Saturday, 2 Sept 1899

C. B. PORTER, C. S. FITCH and Wm. CHAMBERLAIN of Towanda, spent Thursday night at
Kennard Hotel.

Emmett E. BLANCHARD, a laboring man of about 38, shot and fatally wounded William
MINGLE a man of nearly 70 years of age, and killed his wife, Mrs BLANCHARD, as she stood
at her washtub then turned the weapon on himself. There had been much trouble in the
BLANCHARD family for some time and they recently appeared before the justice and agreed to
separate. Blanch was insanely jealous of a peddler who had boarded with the family and angry
with MINGLE because he took Mrs BLANCHARD's part in their quarrels. MINGLE was moved
to home of his daughter in Sayre and should recover. Mr BLANCHARD had given his 14 year
old daughter, Lena two letters, one addressed to his sister, Miss Flora BLANCHARD and the
other to the Evening News. The girl was frightened and tore up the letters, the one to the
newspaper was found and pieced together.

Saturday, 9 Sept 1899

Milton W. WINTERMUTE m/Miss Stella BRACE in Luzerne Boro, by his uncle Rev I. B.

John LEECH of Scranton, was drowned on Mon while swimming in Lake Winola, he was subject
to cramps, which may have been the cause of death, he was a sign painter by trade.

Harry BUNNELL and Miss Anna GAY of Doolittle were married at Tunkhannock on Tues.

Saturday, 16 Sept 1899

Mrs S. M. TOMPKINS is in Chicago caring for her sister, Mrs CAMPBELL.

Dana WILLIAMS, who has been in the employee of D. A. BUNNEL, has gone to join his cousin
in a western enterprise at DeKalb, IL.

Judge B. M. PECK died at his home in Towanda last Saturday.

Charles HARVEY, 13 years and Floyd JACKSON, 10 years met instant death at Black Walnut
on Thursday, after being struck by engine 54 while crossing Lehigh Valley tracks. Young
HARVEY lived with John FARR, a well to do farmer, since the first of Dec. JACKSON was the
son of Allen JACKSON, a quarryman in Stroad's quarry at that place. Floyd was buried at
Silvara, and HARVEY at Overfield. JACKSON leaves two little brothers besides his parents and
HARVEY leaves a mother and two brothers in Phila and a sister living with Solomon Walters at

Saturday, 23 Sept 1899

Marriage licenses have been issued for

Fred S. BENSON Scottsville Miss Nettie ALLEN Jenningsville
Earl F. BARROWCLIFT Tuscarora Miss Harriet E. PALMER Laceyville
W. H. BURCHARD Tunkhannock Iraetta MONELL Factoryville
The last couple was married Tuesday night in Tunkhannock.

Saturday, 30 Sept 1899

Frank E. ALLEN has moved his family to Mehoopany.

Mrs Alfred VALENTINE of Lake Carey is caring for Mrs Harry BROWN who has been
seriously ill for some time.

Sylvester VALENTINE and son William of Nicholson have rented the Pneuman blacksmith shop
and expect to be ready for business on the 10th of Oct. Sylvester will occupy the Decker house
recently vacated by T. W. SCULL and William expects to move his family in the house now
occupied by J. J. SHANNON, while Jerm will move into the Crumaline BAKER's house and
Crum will probably try farming in the vicinity of Kiserville.

Saturday, 7 Oct 1899

Mr & Mrs G. W. GAYLORD of Russell Hill, have issued invitations to the marriage of their
daughter, Jessie M. to William A. HOBBS, next Wed at noon. Note: They were married on
11 Oct at the home of her parents in Russell Hill. Jessie was their eldest daughter. Miss Lena
VALENTINE struck the notes of the wedding march. Rev PHILLIPS's pastor of the Baptist
Church at Mehoopany, officiated. Bridesmaids were, Miss Susie GAYLORD, sister of the bride
and Miss Maud FARR, Mr Leslie HOBBS, brother of the groom and Mr Joe GAYLORD
brother of the bride, were best men. Some of their gifts; rose wood rocker from Mr & Mrs R. C.
COOK, silver sugar shell and butter knife from Mrs C. I. NICHOLS; gold berry spoon from
Theodore BUNNELL, Grandma GAYLORD $20 in gold...long list of gifts in article.

Saturday, 14 Oct 1899

Gov. STONE has appointed Harry G. WILSON, coroner of Sullivan Co.

On 11 Oct friends and relatives assembled at the home of Mrs Sarah SIGFRIED, at Vose for the
marriage of her daughter, Gusta to Crumaline BAKER of Meshoppen.

Walter CONRAD, 21, died at the home of his father H. C. CONRAD today.

Mrs Samuel DEAN, 78, died at her home in Auburn Twp on Thursday.

Mrs CAMPBELL of Chicago, sister of Mrs Susan TOMPKINS, died last Tuesday, after
suffering for several months with cancer.

Saturday, 21 Oct 1899

Mrs Harry BROWN, 55, died at her home on Tues. She had been a resident of Meshoppen for
many years and a member of the Free Methodist church. She leaves a husband Elmer H. one
daughter, Mrs L. A. MILLER of Sayre, three sisters, Mrs Hannah LILEY of Sayre, Mrs Libbie
BAKER of Ashely and Mrs Adelia SMITH of Falls, three brothers, L.A. SMITH of Falls, Merritt
SMITH of Waverly and Joel SMITH of Colorado Springs.

Daniel DORNBLAZER, died at the home of his son in Auburn Twp last night.

The following marriage licenses were issued:

Charles N. CRAWFORD Tunkhannock Elsie T. BURCHARD Tunkhannock
Clyde E. LENOX " Minnie STRAIGHTS Bunnell Hill
Charles F. DEGRAW Eaton Mary J. SMITH Franklin
Joseph W. SQUIRE Keelersburg Jennie M. ROGERS Thurston

CRAWFORD And BURCHARD were married Wed and Clyde LENOX and Minnie
STRAIGHTS were also married on Wed.

Saturday, 28 Oct 1899

George P. TAYLOR, 67, died at his home in Laceyville on Monday.

Dr RINEBOLD, his wife and son attended the golden wedding of Mr & Mrs J. T. JENNINGS at
North Mehoopany on Wed.

George SWEET died at his home Sat night. He leaves a wife, and the following children, Thos.
A. SWEET of NY city, George SWEET of Lock Haven, Wm. SWEET of Scranton, Miss Emma
SWEET and Samuel J. SWEET of Denver, Colorado. Miss Florence TALLMAN of Buffalo was
his sister-n-law.

Thomas KINTNER, died at his home last night. He was born in Middle Smithfield 18 March
1820. When he was 8 he moved with his parents to Handover, two years later to Lackawanna.
Later he came to the farm occupied by Warren KINTNER. Seventeen years ago he moved to this
boro. He married 7 Nov 1844 to Miss Catherine LUCE who he buried in 1873. Ten children
were born to them, five survive him. Mrs Wm. LESHER, Mrs Edward PLACE, D. W. KINTNER
of Russell Hill and J. H. KINTNER and Mrs F. D. BUNNELL of this boro. On 26 Dec 1874 he
married Miss Margariet CRIGER who survives him.

Saturday, 4 Nov 1899

A marriage license has been issued to Abraham Lincoln PUTERBAUGH of Scottsville and
Miss Emma CRAIG of Silvara, Bradford Co.

A marriage license has also been issued to Charles B. THOMSON and Mrs Angie KEENEY,
both of Braintrim Twp.

Mrs Nellie SHAUT married Judge E. M. DUNHAM of Laporte on Wed 1 Nov at the home of
her mother, Mrs Eliza M. DODGE, Towanda.

Eugene DEEGAN, fireman, of Dushore, and Fred ROBINSON, brakeman, of Towanda, met
death Thurs night when the boiler of their locomotive exploded near Wyalusing.

Saturday, 11 Nov 1899

Floyd HOAGLAND, son of Justice C. O. HOAGLAND, of Waverly, married Miss Cora WHITE
of this place in Chemung, NY a few days ago.

Saturday, 18 Nov 1899

Hilton HOMET, 75, one of the wealthiest farmers of Bradford Co, died on Tues at Homet's Ferry
after an illness of two days.

Saturday, 25 Nov 1899

E. J. HARDING of Tunkhannock has been admitted to practice law at Luzerne County bar.

Wm. HAGGERTY, a farmer at RIENZI, Bradford co, took a large dose of laudanum Sat evening
and died during the night.

Mr & Mrs L. E. HEWITT returned Tues from Candor, NY where they attending the funeral of
Mr HEWITT's father.

Wm. A. CONNELL, 39, son of congressman Wm. CONNELL of Scranton, died Tues morning at
the Scranton Private Hospital were he had been ill for several days with pneumonia.

Mrs Charity ROSENGRANT, 75, wife of Volney ROSENGRANT of Vose, died on Monday.
She leaves her husband, one son, three daughters. The funeral was held at the Brick Church in

Saturday, 2 Dec 1899

Stephen LYON of Spring Hill and Miss Katharine WILSON were married at the home of the
bride's Thursday.

Saturday, 9 Dec 1899

Dr J. BILES moved his family to Mehoopany Thursday.

Hamilson SMITH of Rochester, NY is soliciting subscriptions to a county directory. It will be
complete in every respect, with a map of the county, the place of residence of every individual
plainly indicated upon it and all roads carefully laid out.

Maude LOTT, wife of the late Frank J. LOTT, died at her home on Academy St, Scranton on
7 Dec. Funeral services at the M. E. Church on Monday with interment in the Overfield
Cemetery. She is mourned by her parents and one brother and her infant son.

A marriage license was issued this week to Adolphie CHAMPLUVIER and Mrs Eva
CHAMPLUVIER, both of Auburn.

The funeral of Theron VAUGHN on Sunday was well attended.

Dr and Mrs N. A. KINEB, had a son on 13 Dec.

George BUNNELL, died at his home on Craig Hill Tuesday.

T. G. WALTERS died at his home in Tunkhannock yesterday. He was a conductor on the
Montrose branch of the Lehigh Valley.

Mrs David COLE, 89, died Monday at the home of her daughter Mrs Wm. MOWRY.

Mrs Samuel TEWKSBURY, 95, died at the home of her son, Smith TEWKSBURY on Monday
night. The funeral was held at South Auburn.

Saturday, 23 Dec 1899

O. S. KINNER, district attorney of Wyoming Co married Miss Jessie BUCK on Wednesday at
the home of the bride's parents in Tunkhannock.

Dillis J. KOONS, 45, of Lemon Twp was fatally stabbed last Tuesday night at the home of Wm.
CLARK by Otis WHIPPLE. There had been difficulty between KOONS and WHIPPLE for some
time over a woman...the wife of WHIPPLE. Mr KOONS was the son of James KOONS of
Tunkhannock and leaves a wife and two children.

Saturday, 6 Jan 1900

Butler ST CLAIR, 65, of Eaton Twp was found dead Thurs at Phinney's cider mill near
Eatonville. He had been living with his son, Bert and wandered off with his illness of the grip.

Tuesday, 16 Jan 1900

Frank PINNOCK and his wife are rejoicing over the arrival of a daughter.

Tuesday, 23 Jan 1900

Chas. C. CORTRIGHT, a Lehigh fireman residing at Sayre, died Friday from typhoid fever.
He was born in Laceyville 1879.

Sheriff GRAY now has four prisoners in his charge, Otis WHIPPLE, James SMITH, Frank
RILEY and James TRACEY. Smith was charged with assault and battery, RILEY and TRACEY
caught in the act of robbing a general store at Nicholson.

Tuesday, 30 Jan 1900

Mr & Mrs Wm. SHOEMAKER of Elmira had a son on 22 Jan 1900.

Wm. COLE died of heart disease in Meshoppen yesterday. He was 39 and leaves a wife and two

Tuesday, 6 Feb 1900

Mrs Susan EVANS, 53, died at Laceyville this morning.

Miss Minnie BARLOW, formerly of Meshoppen, married Louis P. WEDEMAN, a Scranton
attorney, on 20 Jan 1900, at the home of the bride's mother in Brooklyn, NY. Miss BARLOW
had recently returned from a course of study at Liege, Belgium.

Mrs Dennis BRADY, 67, died at her home in Skinner's Eddy on Monday. She was buried in the
Catholic Cemetery at this place on Wed.

Tuesday, 13 Feb 1900

D. S. VOSBURG returned from New Mexico last evening and is visiting his parents at this place.

Elmer BAKER, of Meshoppen, married Miss Florence TROWBRIDGE of Jenningsville at the
Presbyterian parsonage on Wed.

Mr & Mrs Wesley ARNTS of Noxen and George ARNTS of Pen Argyl, Northampton Co, were
in town this week to attend the funeral of their sister, Mrs EVANS who was buried at Laceyville
on Thursday.

Tuesday, 20 Feb 1900

Mr & Mrs J. H. KINTNER had a son born to them on Sat, 17 Feb.

Mrs Julia CHAFFEE, 79, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Hiram FULLER on Sunday.
The funeral was held at Potterville, Bradford Co.

Tuesday, 27 Feb 1900

James BLAKESLEE of Mauch Chunk, formerly president of the Montrose Railway, celebrated
his 84th birthday on the 10th.

A number of friends attended the funeral of Mrs D. A. WHITCOMB at Laceyville last Monday.

Tuesday, 6 March 1900

Irvine WRIGHT fell from a quarry to the river bank at Laceyville today and was killed. He was
the son of Geo. WRIGHT.

Henry H. MORGAN, 60, was killed by the Lehigh Valley train 31 at Tunkhannock last Tues.

Tuesday, 13 March 1900

Samuel DEAN died at his home on Jersey Hill.

Tuesday, 20 March 1900

Mrs Mason BROWN, 85, died at her home in Wyalusing Sunday night.

William VAN AUKEN, postmaster at White's Ferry has sent in his resignation to the fourth
assistant postmaster general, to take effect 1 Apr. Mr VAN AUKEN is going to move away.

Harry BROWN went up to Wyalusing to attend the funeral of his aunt, Mrs Harriet BROWN.
Mrs B. R. BUNNELL and Mrs W. L. FRANCE also attended the funeral.

Robert VOSBURG and his wife of Skinner's Eddy spent Sunday with the former's parents at this

Judge Conrad KRAUS, associate judge of Sullivan Co, died at his home near Dushore last
Sunday. His death was caused by the injury from a fall from a wagon, which resulted in a rupture
of a blood vessel.

Tuesday, 27 March 1900

E. R. GAY will move to Mill City.

John BRADY is moving his family to Brooklyn, NY.

Tuesday, 3 Apr 1900

Mr & Mrs Fred PNEUMAN have returned to their home in Silver Plume, CO. Miss Maud
JAYNE who will visit her father at Gunnison City, Co, accompanied them.

Dr R. W. CAMERON moved his family to Clark's Summit on Tuesday. He is a first class dentist.

Mrs Amanda GEORGE, 78, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs J. H. ROFF in NJ on Sunday.
She was buried in Nanticoke. She was the mother of W. H. GEORGE of this place and leaves
two sons and five daughters. A granddaughter, Lucetta GEORGE also attended the funeral.

William GAYMON of Phila recently died in CO where he had gone for his health. He lived for a
number of years in the family of Samuel Jenkins and was a stone cutter by trade. He leaves a wife
and three children.

Charlie KITHCART, 7 yrs, son of Mrs Joan ROWE was killed by the eastbound Black Diamond
Express, Tuesday. He had been standing on the tracks watching a freight train on the opposite

Tuesday, 10 Apr 1900

Daisy, 3 months old, daughter of Mr & Mrs J. G. HAHN died Thursday.

Robert SHALES, father of Mrs W. S. DAVIS of this place, died at East Lemon on Sunday.
Mr & Mrs W. S. DAVIS and Mr & Mrs Joseph WELCH attended the funeral.

T. J. MC NAMARA and wife went to Troy, Bradford Co, on Saturday to attend the funeral of
Mr MC NAMARA's grandmother.

G. Taylor GRIFFIN, who for some years, has conducted a photograph establishment in Wilkes
Barre has sold out to Mr SEIGFRIED, who has had charge of the gallery for about a month, and
will devote his attention to the Scranton Art Co, in which he and his brothers have become

Tuesday, 17 Apr 1900

Mrs R. H. ELY, 62, died at her home in Laceyville on Wed.

Mrs Jacob DECKER, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs Henry MICHAELS, yesterday.

Miss Lucia FASSETT, 80, died at her home of consumption, at Scottsville on Thursday. She was
the daughter of the late Major John FASSETT and is survived by a sister, Mrs J. T. Jennings of
Mehoopany. Interment in Scottsville Cemetery.

Mrs Elmer R. BURGESS, died at her home in Forkston on Monday. She had been ill for two
years with cancer. She is survived by her husband, one daughter, Nellie who lived at home and
two sons, Delbert of Forkston and Henderson of Ransom. Burial in the Folkston Cemetery.

Tuesday, 1 May 1900

Mr & Mrs W. M. COLT had a daughter 6 May.

(Nothing of interest in here or papers missing)

Tuesday, 5 June 1900

Mr & Mrs Cory JAYNE had a son on 3 June.

Tuesday, 12 June 1900

Daniel HANKINSON, 80, died at his home yesterday.

Tuesday, 19 June 1900

Marriage license issued to Willis Thomas LEE, of Chicago and Miss Mary INGHAM, of
Mehoopany; also to Carl A. BLOOM of Mehoopany and Miss Mary Isabel KASSON of

Frank BANNATYNE and Miss Lulu BOWMAN will be married at the home of the bride's
parents on Bunnell Hill tomorrow.

Tuesday, 26 June 1900

Married at the home of the bride's mother at Russell Hill on Wed, 20 June, Wm. H. BOWMAN
of Taylor, PA and Miss Sarah SIEGFRIED.

Tuesday, 3 July 1900

Mrs Frank Masters, 40, died at her home in Sayre last Saturday. Interment took place in Jersey

Tuesday, 10 July 1900

Mrs Theresa OSBORNE, 83, died at her home on Sunday. She left a son, James OSBORNE
and one daughter, Mrs J. F. ARNTS. Interment Overfield cemetery.

Mr & Mrs Albert BULLARD, had a daughter born on the 4th of July in Waverly.

Tuesday, 17 July 1900

Harry SICKLER, 9 yrs, was run over by a train at Factoryville on Thursday. The boy's mother
had died 8 years ago last Thursday.

Tuesday, 24 July 1900

George TURNER, of Ransom, was killed by a train on Friday. He is survived by a wife and two
small children.

Nelson CONRAD, 76, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs R. C. CLAYTON on Craig Hill.
He is survived by sons, Phillip of Silver Lake, NJ, Albert, of Scranton, Leslie, a soldier in the
Phillippines, daughters, Mrs Mary MAYER, of Binghamton, Mrs Lucy RENSHAW and Mrs R.
C. CLAYTON of Craig Hill.

Tuesday, 31 July 1900

Mr & Mrs George SHANNON had a daughter on 26 July.

Tuesday, 7 Aug 1900

Miss Ruth BULLARD has gone to NY to fill the position at the Presbyterian Home, formerly
held by Miss Mattie KINTNER.

Geo. BEST, father-in-law of F. R. KINTNER, formerly of Mehoopany was thrown from a wagon
by a run away team at Towanda yesterday and probably fatally injured. Mrs KINTNER was
thrown from the same wagon but escaped uninjured.

A fatal accident occurred at Lovelton on Sat evening, by which Mrs Walter WINTERMUTE lost
her life, and Mr & Mrs W. R. WARD were severely injured. They had all been on Bartlett
Mountain for huckleberries and returning home when the lower stringer on the wagon they were
riding in broke letting the wagon with contents spilled into the creek, twenty feet below. The
wagon fell on the women. Mrs WINTERMUTE 's back was broken and her skull crushed. She
leaves a husband and two small children, a boy and a girl.

Miss Mattie D. KINTNER, 24, daughter of Julius A. KINTNER of this place died in the
Presbyterian hospital in NY on Sunday from injuries received by being thrown from a trolley car
in NY on Thursday. She held a position in the Presbyterian Home for Aged Women on 73rd St.

Jonas MAYBE of Towanda was found dead on the tracks between Homet's Ferry and Wyalusing.
He was a bricklayer and mason and had lived in Towanda for the past 12 years.

David TURNER, 12, son of Postmaster and Mrs D. M. TURNER, met his death on Saturday
after drowning. He was in a boat with a friend, the son of Editor PARSONS when it capsized,
the PARSONS boy could swim but TURNER could not.

Tuesday, 14 Aug 1900

Mr & Mrs O. D. WOLFF had a son, born on 11 Aug.

Miss Mattie PNEUMAN attended the VOSE family reunion at Spencer, NY last Friday.

Mrs E. C. DAVIDSON, 27, died at her home on Saturday.

Tuesday, 21 Aug 1900

Winnie REYNOLDS, 26, son of N. W. REYNOLDS, was killed by the cars on Wednesday in
Wyalusing. He was a graduate of Mansfield State Normal School, a member of Triton Hose Co
of Tunkhannock and also of Co M 13th Regt N. G. P. He is survived by his parents, his sister,
Effie and brother Marshall.

Tuesday, 28 Aug 1900

Charles O. DEAN, a well known residents of Waverly died Sat in the dentist chair while having
his teeth extracted, under the influence of anesthesia.

Tuesday, 4 Sept 1900

William H. SMITH, 58 or (38) editor of the Benton Argus, died suddenly Friday while seated at
his desk. (Hard to read year)

Tuesday, 11 Sept 1900

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Della Eleanor BRIGGS and William
Truman BURGESS at West Pittston, Sept 18th.

Mary HENNING, daughter of Mr & Mrs George HENNING, announce her marriage to Edward
FASSETT of Scottsville at their home on Thursday.

Mr & Mrs T. J. MC NAMARA announced the birth of a daughter on Monday.

Tuesday, 18 Sept 1900

Mrs Fannie PNEUMAN, 80, widow of the late Andrew PNEUMAN died Monday.

John Edward QUINN married Miss Margaret MURPHY of Silver Lake, Susquehanna Co today
in the catholic church. They were attended by Miss Margaret RILEY of Binghamton and John H.
REDDING of this place.

Tuesday, 25 Sept 1900

Mrs Sally Ann GUILE, 83, widow of the late Horace GUILE, died at the home of her son, John
GUILE in Auburn on Sat.

Tuesday, 2 Oct 1900

Over 500 Welsh miners have left the Wyoming and Lackawanna Valleys since the strike. Some of
them have gone to the far west, but many have returned to Wales.

William STRUTMAN, 12, of Laurel Run died in the Pittston Hospital after attempting to jump on
a train to steal a ride. He was hit by the Black Diamond Express.

Tuesday, 9 Oct 1900

Rev. PECKOVER has resigned his position here and will move to Canada.

Tuesday, 16 Oct 1900

Miss Bessie DOTY was given a surprise 15th birthday party by N. A. DOTY on Sat.

Mrs Melinda Hicks BEERS, 77, widow of the late Jerome BEERS of Mehoopany died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs J. Morgan BROWN at Wyalusing Thursday. She is survived by four
children, one son and three daughters, Fred of Sugar Run, Mrs J. MORGAN of Wyalusing, Mrs
W. F. TRANSURE of Skinner's Eddy and Mrs Williard KEITHLINE of Jenningsville. Mrs
William N. JENNINGS of Wilkes Barre is a sister. Interment in Vaughn cemetery.

Fred ELLIS is moving his family to Moosic.

Mrs W. W. SHOEMAKER and little daughter Elmira are visiting her parents, Mr & Mrs W. S.

Judge DUNAM sentenced James TERRY, 50, to 11 yrs solitary confinement in the Eastern
Penitentiary, a fine of $500 and the costs of prosecution for killing his brother, D. Conklin
TERRY. The crime took place on 16 July and he died a few days later.

Tuesday, 23 Oct 1900

Claude WALKER of Nicholson was found dead on the tracks in North Scranton on Monday. It
was said he attempted to hop a freight.

Tuesday, 30 Oct 1900

I. P. JOHNSON and Miss Rose HARRIS of Trucksville, PA were married at the M.E. Parsonage
last Thursday.

Mrs Elizabeth KEOUGH, 56, of Auburn Twp died last Sat.

The five year old son of A. I. WINANS died this afternoon after an illness of five days.

Clifford A. BUNNELL and Miss Anna MC GAVIN were married at the Catholic Church in
Auburn last Wed. An elegant reception was given at the home of the bride's parents.

James KELLEY, 6 yrs of age, son of Mr & Mrs T. F. KELLEY, died suddenly this morning.
He had acute inflammation of the stomach and died in a few hours.

Tuesday, 6 Nov 1900

Allen COMPTON of Meshoppen Twp met with a terrible accident while hunting near Auburn last
Thursday. He stepped upon a stump to watch his dog, and placed the buttstock of the gun on the
stump near his feet, resting the barrels across one arm. The gun slipped off the stump, striking one
of the hammers discharged the weapon. His left hand was terribly mangled and his right wrist
badly lacerated. His brother Matthew was with him and took him to the home of Thomas
O'NEIL. He was then carried to the Dr and put in the hospital.

Bradford WANDALL, 75, an aged resident of Mehoopany was stuck and killed by an express
train, last Tuesday. He was the brother of HEMPSTREET and Major WANDALL and had 17
brothers and sisters, three of which are still living.

Allen COMPTON is now up and around and able to dress and feed himself with one hand.

Gershon WINANS is moving his family to Hackettstown, NJ, were his daughters will work in the
silk mill.

Mrs George AVERY has received word of the sudden death of her sister-in-law, Mrs
HUTCHINSON of Hackettstown, NJ, wife of Rev. Charles HUTCHINSON who has preached
at the M.E. Church recently.

Eugene KELLEY of Kalispell, Mont. Is visiting at his old home here. This is the first trip east in
15 years.

E. D. KINTNER has been appointed jury commissioner to fill the vacancy caused by the death
of Horton WOOD.

Friday, 23 Nov 1900

Frank GALLAGER, 14 yrs old, a young lad living with Robert COSTELLO in Auburn met his
death in a peculiar manner on Monday. While the family was away from the house for the day the
boy took a pair of 3 year old colts to water with one of the halters securely fastened about his
waist. His body was discovered in the woods hours later, caught around a tree by the halter with
the colt held fast. Frank had many injuries as well as a fractured skull and had been dead for some
time. He had been taken from the poor house in Lackawanna Co to live with the COSTELLO

Jacob DE WITT and Miss Annie MANSFIELD of Jenningsville were married at the Baptist
parsonage Wednesday.

Friday, 30 Nov 1900

Mrs Michael MALOY died at her home in Phila on Thursday and will be buried there on Sat.
She was the daughter of Mr & Mrs John MC CABE of this place. Mr MC CABE and son John
went to that city to attend the funeral.

Fredrick NESKY, 8 yrs old, son of Jacob NESKY of Wyausing, fell from the attic window of an
unfinished house on Monday. The distance was 30 feet and the fall broke his neck.

O. O. ESSER is been seriously ill with cancer of the stomach and has to give up his position as
Superintendent of the PA and NY Division of the Lehigh Valley railroad.

Friday, 14 Dec 1900

Mr & Mrs John CORTRIGHT had a daughter last Sunday.

Friday, 21 Dec 1900

Wm. KELLEY of Jenningsville and Miss Rosetta SHOEMAKER of Meshoppen were married
on Saturday, 15 Dec.

Friday, 4 Jan 1901

Mrs John DONOVAN died in Pasadena, CA. She had been an invalid for some years and her
husband sold his interest in a mercantile business at Laceyville and took his family to CA for her
health. She lived only 24 hrs after they arrived, unable to rally from the fatigue of the journey.
She leaves a husband and two small children.

Dana WALTER and Miss Flora WHITE of Tunkhannock were married at the home of the bride's
parents on Christmas.

Another Christmas wedding, Miss Grace SHOEMAKER married Alvah KREWSON of Forkston
at the home of R. C. SHOEMAKER at Scottsville.

Friday, 11 Jan 1901

John DOOLY was struck and killed by a train on Wed.

Mrs Judson LOVE, 33, died Wed in her home in Wilkes Barre. She was a sister of John, James
and Jacob ARNTS. She is survived by her husband and two daughters, Minnie and Madge.

John PREVOST has sold his farm at Vose and has left with his family to make their future home
in CA.

James KEENEY, died suddenly at Skinner's Eddy on Monday. He leaves a wife and three small

Friday, 18 Jan 1901

Mrs Wm. BREWER, 30, died at her home in Wilkes Barre last evening.

Benj. PLACE, 86, died at his home in Auburn Twp yesterday and will be buried in Jersey Hill

Friday, 26 Jan 1901

The remains of Alonzo OVERFIELD of Brooklyn, NY were interred in the Overfield Cemetery
on Wed.

John STERLING of this place and Miss Lizzie JONES of Wilkes Barre were married last Wed.

Friday, 2 Feb 1901

Mrs T. B. VOSBURG died at her home at Skinner's Eddy Thursday, burial will be in the
Overfield Cemetery.

Friday, 9 Feb 1901

Otto SCHUMANN, an eccentric hermit, was found frozen to death in his cottage near Honesdale

Henry J. FOOTE, 69, died last Saturday after an accident. He was with his son obtaining wood
when a log swerved catching Mr FOOTE, his son was able to release him and went for help but
he died about 25 minutes later, never speaking a word. He is survived by his wife and ten children.
He was the mail carrier between Forkston and Kasson Brook and had lived in that area for 30

Friday, 16 Feb 1901

Mrs C. I. LACEY died at Laceyville on Tuesday.

Charles LACEY, 70, died at his home in Laceyville on Tuesday and was burried on Thurs.

Friday, 23 Feb 1901

Jos. WELCH and his wife attended the WELCH/RAFFERTY wedding at Auburn Centre on

Louis WELCH of this place, married Miss Katie RAFFERTY, at the Auburn Church on Tuesday.

Prof. C. C. COLES, editor of "Storms and Signs" died at his home in Kingston on Saturday.

Friday, 2 March 1901

Charles A. KENELLER of Colley, Sullivan Co was instantly killed on Wed, while cutting a tree
with his brother Wesley. The tree fell backwards catching Charles under it.

Mrs Elias MOWERY, 35, died at her home near Springville, on Thursday.

Mrs Nicholas STERLING, 72, died at her home on Sunday.

Milo WELLS, 25 years, died on Thursday, at Boulder, CO. He had been ill with pulmonary
troubles for some time. One sister, Miss Bertha WELLS, of Towanda, survives him. Interment
was in Boulder. He was a well known base ball player, pitching for the Towanda YMCA teams.

Friday, 14 March 1901

J. M. STILWELL and his wife, attended the golden wedding of Willis WALKER and his wife,
at Laceyville on Monday.

Mrs Margaret HENRY, 86, widow of Geo. HENRY, died at her home in Vose, on Wed, 6
March, interment was at Vose Cemetery.

Ethel BUSH, 12, died at her home in Vose on Thursday, she was the daughter of Mr & Mrs
Judson BUSH.

Dr G. G. VANBRYCK, his wife and son, of Cambria, Wyoming were in town on Friday. The
doctor was formerly from this place.

Thursday, 21 March 1901

The infant daughter of Mr & Mrs Elmer BAKER, of Vose, died on Wed. Interment will be in
Overfield Cemetery on Friday.

Thursday, 29 March 1901

Mrs Mary MC GEE, abt 85 years of age, died at the Warren Street Hotel, on Monday, of old age.

J. R. SIMS, formerly of this place, died suddenly at his home in Hastings, Neb. on 19 March.
He moved from here 23 years ago and was one of the first settlers in that area. He was a
contractor and builder, and is survived by his wife, two sons and brothers, William of Dalton, PA
and John W. of Skinner's Eddy. three sisters, Mrs J. BOWMAN of this place, Mrs Frank
SWARTZ of Dunmore and Mrs Frank ALLINSON of West Pittston.

On Monday, a double funeral was held at Shunk, Sullivan Co. Malford WILLIAMS of Shunk,
82, formerly of Burlington, Bradford Co, died Saturday, 16 March. His wife, Mary Jane
WILLIAMS, 74, died very suddenly on Friday, 15 March. They had been married for over 57
years. They were burried in one grave in the Shunk Cemetery, New Albany.

Thursday, 4 Apr 1901

W. N. PURDON died on Sunday, 31 March, at his home in Tunkhannock. He was born in
Scotland in 1831 and lived in Tunkhannock for 17 years.

Mr & Mrs Oatis LA FRANCE of Bunnell Hill had bury their 6 week old son on Saturday.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Harry A. RANDEL of Noxen and Nellie MANTANIA of
Frankling Twp, also to Ceilan HULBERT and Miss Mary MILLER of Lovelton.

Godfrey RUFF, 79, died on Tuesday, 18 March due to old age. He was born in Wurtemburg,
Germany and came here with his parents at the age of 9.

Al WINANS, 66, died at the home of his brother, Charles, on Tuesday. He was born in
Meshoppen and leaves a wife and two children, Mrs Frank HARRIS of Hastings, Neb and Vernie
WINANS of Nicholson, PA. Interment was in the Overfield Cemetery.

Prof. Henry Wisner SMITH, 90, died at the home of his son, in Talmage, Kansas on 17 March.
He was a native of this country, having been born in Laceyville. He moved to Kansas in 1874.

Hyde CROCKER, 67, died at Montrose on 27 March. He is survived by his wife and two
daughters. He was a mail agent on the Montrose railroad.

Thursday, 11 Apr 1901

A marriage license was issued to Sterling SMITH of Nichelson and Esther BUTTON of

Herman ROSS of Laceyville was found dead on the tracks at Wysox last Friday. He was about
26 years old and the son of Ferdinand ROLLS, of Laceyville.

Dr C. H. DANA, 74, of Tunkhannock, died at Barto, FL on Monday 1 Apr, his daughter Clara
was with him at the time.

William CHAMBELIN, 75, a life on resident of Wyalusing Twp, died at his home on Vaughn Hill
on 27 March, of pneumonia.

Sidney GREGORY, of Laceyville, died at his home on Tuesday, 9 Apr. He leaves a wife and two
sons, three daughters. H. F. and S. W. GREGORY, Mrs G. F. CARLIN, Mrs W. E.
SHOEMAKER, and Miss Blennie all of whom reside in Laceyville. Interment in the Lacey Street

George R. JOHNSON, 81, died of pneumonia. He was born on Lacey Street near Laceyville,
where his parents were pioneer settlers, when they took up a state patent of land. He married in
the early 1840's to Sally Ann CORY, who died 30 years ago. Two children were born, Edward
JOHNSON who lives on the old homestead where George died and Julia A. now Mrs J. B.
OVERFIELD of this place. For the past 19 years had lived with Postmaster and Mrs
OVERFIELD. Interment in the Lacey Street Cemetery on Sunday.

Thursday, 18 Apr 1901

Benjamin JAYNE, 84, of Russell Hill died on 12 Apr.

Rev. H. M. PEASE, who has officiated as pastor of the Eatonville Baptist church for several
years, has resigned his pastorate there and accepted a call from Centremoreland.

Two daughters of S. I. TRIEBLE and wife, of Vosburg, have died with pneumonia.

Hon. Thodore HART, editor of the Pittston Gazette, and Postmaster of Pittston, died on Saturday
after an illness of two weeks with rheumatism.

Mrs Frank H. CRANMER of Powell, was killed on Sunday while crossing the tracks with her
husband and friends in Wilkes Barre. Her husband was injured, but the friends, Mr & Mrs Morris
O'CONNELL were both killed.

Thursday, 2 May 1901

Mr & Mrs Ernie LOVE had a daughter on 24 Apr.

A son was born to Mr & Mrs Grant VAN GORDON on 24 Apr.

Mrs Chas. H. DRAKE, 45, died at North Mehoopany on Sunday, 28 Apr.

Bradley S. BUNNELL of Meshoppen married Miss Lena M. STARK at East Lemon yesterday,
at the home of the bride's father, Loren STARK.

Ellis LA FRANCE, of Bunnell Hill, married Miss Jennie SNOVER of Doolittle, last evening.

Charles W. PRICE, 1 year, son of Mr & Mrs J. G. PRICE, died at home in Dixon on Wednesday.

Ruel BILLINGS, the young son of Mr & Mrs R. E. BILLINGS of Tunkhannock, died Thursday
after a sever illness.

Joseph SYNDER, was killed by a train at Troy, PA last Sunday.

Jeremiah DIXON, 76, died in Tunkhannock. He was the brother of Henry and Hiram DIXON.
For a short period of time he resided in Illinois.

Thursday, 9 May 1901

Mrs Katherine HAYES died on Monday at the home of her daughter, Mrs T. DACEY in Sayre.
She was born in County Cork, Ireland on Good Friday in 1796 and came to this country 30 years

Thursday, 16 May 1901

Dr Harry Emil DAWSON, 36, of North Scranton, died on Monday, 13 May, at the home of his
brother, Attorney Charles W. DAWSON. He was the son of Thomas A. and Rowena Farman
DAWSON. He was born in Black Walnut, 5 Jan 1865. He is survived by his wife, and three
sisters, Mrs Charles KINNEY of Black Walnut, Mrs Fred E. STONE of Scranton, and Miss
Susan DAWSON of Scranton. Interment was in the Overfield Cemetery.

George M. LULL, 60, ex-postmaster of Sayre, died at that place on Sunday. He was a veteran of
the Civil War. Interment was at Sunnyside Cemetery.

E. J. ANGLE, Esq, 42, one of the best known lawyers of Bradford Co, died at his home on
Monday, in Towanda. His death was probably due to an overdose of acetanilide, a drug he took
for his insomnia.

Thursday, 23 May 1901

Mrs Lydia MAYNARD, an aged lady, died at her home on East Tioga St, Saturday morning,
due to paralysis.

Allen JAYNE, born 20 June 1812, died last Saturday due to heart failure. He was one of a family
of 12, only three of whom are living, John JAYNE of Nimble, Wm. JAYNE of Carney and Polly
KINNEY of Laceyville. He leave a wife and four children, Chas. A. JAYNE of West Auburn,
Mrs C. F. HAHN, Mrs D. S. ROBERTS, and Mrs E. H. WELLS all of Meshoppen. His mother
was a BUNNELL. Interment was in the Overfield Cemetery.

Prof. William W. GRANT, principal of Scranton high school, dropped dead on Thursday while
talking to his physiology class.

David W. HERMAN, a well know farmer, of Eaton, died at his home on Sunday. He was a
veteran of the Civil War.

Benjamin HUNTER, 55, of Mill City, committed suicide last Thursday, by hanging himself in his
house. It was believed he was suffering from temporary insanity.

Thursday, 30 May 1901

Mrs Washington ST CLAIR, of Tunkhannock, died Thursday. She was the half-sister of
Mrs Joseph HOUSEL of Gravel Hill.

Alex EWING, 60, of Elmira died on Friday ,at the East Towanda train depot. He was a tobacco
salesman out of Rochester, NY.

Mrs Myra Bartolett DAVIS, 61, wife of Enos DAVIS, died on Saturday at her home in
Mehoopany. She is survived by her husband and two sisters, four children had died previously.

Mrs Louisa HUNSINGER, 80, of Mehoopany, died on Thursday, 23 May of paralysis. She was
the daughter of the late Oliver VOSE, of Forkston. She would have been 81 on 15 June.

Allen JAYNE, 89, died on 18 May. Interment was in the Overfield Cemetery. He is survived by
his wife, Margaret Hankinson JAYNE.

Charles DE GRAW, a well-to-do farmer of Thurston Hollow, Eaton Twp, Wyoming Co, ended
his life on Thursday, by taking strychnine, which resulted in his death.

The funeral of Thomas GILL, 63, of Meshoppen Twp, was held at the Catholic Church on
Monday. He leaves a wife and three daughters to mourn him.

The end.

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