Duffy and PepperDuffy is a seven and half year old basset with an appetite like a garbage can, you can tell that just by looking at her.  I bought her as a puppy and she immediately took over the household.  I went thru the stage of her stealing rolls of toilet paper from the bathrooms, then pulling off as much paper as she could all over the house to get to the core, something like eating a tootsie roll pop.  Then we were in the terrible two's when she would grab my undies and run through the house with me chasing her out the doggie door to the back yard.

     Then came Pepper, a part Yorky, friends brought her over along with carrying case, toys and etc, they needed to find a good home for her.  Now who could refuse this 6 week old little ball of black fur that sat in the middle of my hand?  I told them if she got along with Duffy I guess I could keep her?  Well that took all of about 30 seconds.  Fast forward, she just had her sixth birthday.

     Now while Duffy lays there waiting to be fed, Pepper runs around playing with all kinds of stuffed toys having a ball. When they go out at night, if Duffy is too slow to come back in, Pepper heads out the doggie door to fetch her, here they come with Pepper pulling Duffy back thru the doggie door with the long basset ear in her mouth giving her what for all the time.

     Its a joy to have these two in my life, they wake up in good moods and don't ask much from me but give back a hundred fold in love and companionship.





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