If you know me at all you will know I am a Genealogist who loves animals, thus the title of my page.  You will be able to follow my family research which starts with my self in my home state of Pennsylvania.  My ancestors came from many different directions, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands and England to name a few areas. Upon leaving their country of birth they emigrated thru Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada, CT, MA, and then some through NY and NJ to eventually settle in Scranton, Lackawanna Co, Pennsylvania.

I now believe they must have all been born with web feet since I have not been able to locate one on a ship's list, so they had to walk on water, or so it seems!

So have a seat on my swing, and I'll pour you a glass of cold ice tea while you browse.


Photo Credit: Marge Gray




You can contact Marge at: mvgray@comcast.net

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